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The embodiment of reducing atmosphere furnace process, the vacuum degree reaches low pressure

Time:2020-09-11 15:13
   1. 1400℃ high temperature box-type atmosphere protection furnace experiment controllable reducing atmosphere furnace chamber is made of alumina polycrystalline fiber material, after a special hardening process, it will not drop powder during use, high tensile strength, good insulation performance, and energy saving effect Obviously better than ordinary ceramic fiber materials, the heating element uses high-quality alloy wire, high temperature resistance, and durable.

   2. 1400℃ high temperature box type atmosphere protection furnace The experimental controllable reducing atmosphere furnace can be connected with a computer.

   Reserve data conversion interface, cooperate with the software developed by our factory, and connect to each other with computers, which can realize the remote monitoring of single or multiple box-type atmosphere furnaces, real-time monitoring, query historical records, output reports and other functions.

   3.  Atmosphere box sintering furnace 1800℃ atmosphere high temperature sintering furnace adopts digital display pressure

   It adopts a digital pressure gauge, which has the unique function of automatic pressure discharge of overpressure, and is equipped with a float flowmeter to accurately control the intake flow.

   4. 1400℃ high temperature box type atmosphere protection furnace experimental controllable reducing atmosphere furnace built-in water cooling system and vacuum system
Reducing atmosphere furnace
   The built-in circulating water cooling system effectively avoids the cumbersomeness of the external water source and makes the outer surface of the instrument lower in temperature. The one-key operation of the control panel is convenient and quick. Coupled with the built-in vacuum system, the vacuum degree reaches 0.1MPa, because this instrument is more special.


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