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Factors to be considered in the design and development of high temperature furnaces
Factors to be considered in the design and development of high temperature furnaces.
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   1. Designed according to the purpose of the high temperature furnace, and designed suitable industrial furnaces according to different purposes. For example, different heating materials require corresponding designs, such as requirements for temperature, heating speed, discharge speed, and production efficiency.

   2. According to the heating material design of the high temperature furnace, such as electric heating, gas heating, coal heating, oil heating, etc. Design the corresponding industrial furnace according to the failed fuel.

   3. The production output of the high-temperature furnace is to design suitable dimensions for customers according to the requirements, to meet the normal production needs of customers.

   4. The shape, quantity and specifications of the heating material are designed to design the shape of the industrial furnace.

   5. Considering the problem of the plant, the shape of the high-temperature furnace needs to be adjusted according to the situation of the plant. For example, the effective land occupation of the industrial furnace is free, and whether the high-temperature furnace and the plant have enough heat dissipation space. The environmental conditions of the place, such as annual average temperature, maximum temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind direction, air humidity, etc. All need to be considered.

   6. Whether the environmental protection level of the high temperature furnace meets the needs of the country, if it does not meet the estimated needs, it cannot be approved.

   7. The ease of operation of the high-temperature furnace and the safety indicators.


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