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Introduce the excellent performance and wide application of atmosphere furnace

Time:2020-09-18 09:26
    The 1700 type silicon molybdenum rod is used as the heating element, the double-layer shell structure and 30 or 50-segment program temperature control system, phase-shifting trigger, SCR control, the furnace uses 1700 type alumina polycrystalline fiber material, double-layer furnace shell The room is equipped with an air-cooled system, which can quickly rise and fall in temperature. The overall shell is sealed, the cover and the furnace door are sealed with high-temperature silica gel plates, and the furnace door is equipped with a water-cooling system. The gas enters from the breech after a flow meter and has multiple washing There is a burner at the inlet and outlet of the furnace, which can be filled with argon, nitrogen and other gases, and can also be filled with hydrogen with a gas content of less than 5%, and can be pre-evacuated. The furnace has a balanced temperature field and a low surface temperature , The advantages of fast temperature rise and fall, energy saving, etc., are ideal products for universities, scientific research institutes, and industrial and mining enterprises for atmosphere protection sintering and atmosphere reduction.
atmosphere controlled furnace
   The rated temperature of the atmosphere furnace is 1100℃, 1400℃, 1500℃, 1650℃, according to different atmospheres, different temperatures, different heating elements are used, the models are complete, safe and reliable, and it can also be specially manufactured for different process experiments. . The complete supply range of atmosphere furnace includes temperature controller, flow meter, pressure reducing valve, thermocouple, compensation wire, etc. The temperature control adopts SCR control, 40-segment PlD advanced programmable temperature automatic control, with protection functions such as over-temperature alarm, and strictly controls the firing process of the product.


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