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Precautions when using high temperature furnace charging

Time:2020-10-09 14:15
Precautions when using high temperature furnace for charging:
high temperature furnace
    1. When heating large objects, especially when the conductor performance is not good, please avoid blocking thermal couples and heating elements. Also make sure that there are no objects within 15 mm of the element.

    2. The thermocouple is used to sense the temperature near the heating element, but if a large object is placed in a high-temperature furnace, it may record the average temperature of the object and the element, which will cause the heating element to overheat.

    3. In this case, you can heat up the large object at a lower temperature, and then reset the controller to a value close to the highest temperature required.

    4. Take care to avoid hitting the components when loading and unloading.


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