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Matters needing attention and emergency methods for failure of atmosphere furnace

Time:2020-10-16 10:13
Attention and emergency measures for failure of atmosphere furnace
atmosphere furnace
   Formulate operation and maintenance procedures, establish operation records and maintenance files, count accumulated working hours, strengthen daily maintenance, grasp the changing trend of equipment technical status, find early signs of failure and damage, and avoid hot repairs. It belongs to the nature of emergency maintenance and is based on Electric furnace load and working conditions prepare maintenance materials in advance, and prepare maintenance techniques. For example, the service life of alloying elements is related to many factors, such as operating temperature, furnace medium, component quality and operating conditions. Its fluctuation life is 6000-10000h.

   Atmospheric furnaces usually have more leakage failures in spring and autumn. When they are not used for a long time, they are prone to leakage failure. Our factory adopts monthly pressure increase rate measurement (close all vacuum valves at room temperature, stop vacuum system operation, read after one minute, read after one hour, the difference between the two numbers is the rate of pressure rise) to grasp the trend of equipment leakage changes, such as The vacuum equipment will be shut down continuously for one week and once without load.

   In the leak detection of the atmospheric furnace system, in addition to mud clogging, a medical needle can also be used to inhale ether to protect the leak point to observe whether the reading of the vacuum gauge has changed. It can also manufacture blind plates with holes inserted into vacuum silicon tubes, block vacuum pipelines in sections and detect leaks. The coke deposited in the diffusion pump can be cleaned by chemical pickling.


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