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New structural characteristics of muffle furnace

Time:2020-10-30 12:34
      The muffle furnace structure adopts the outer box material of the furnace shell with high-quality cold plates and high-temperature spraying after treatment with phosphoric acid film salt. The color is computer gray. The furnace material uses high-aluminum inner tank, which has good wear resistance and heat on all sides. The internal surface area of the high temperature box type calculates the power, the resistance, the surface load of the silicon carbide rods, the selection of silicon carbide rods, and the connection. The use of high temperature furnaces such as high temperature must strictly follow the safe operation procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and avoid furnaces. The box-type muffle furnace is mainly suitable for the quenching, normalizing, annealing, tempering and heating of carbon steel, alloy steel and other workpieces. It is also suitable for heat treatment of various small parts, springs, and molds.
 Crucible muffle furnace
The following is an introduction to the structure and function of the muffle furnace:
  * Temperature measurement port: The thermocouple enters from the upper back of the furnace body;
  * Thermal insulation method: thermal insulation brick and thermal insulation cotton;
  * Controller: located under the furnace body, built-in control system, compensation wire connected to the furnace body;
  * Terminal: The heating wire terminal is located at the bottom of the furnace body;
        * Heating elements: There are many varieties of high-temperature electric high-temperature box furnaces, and the price of furnaces is much higher.


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