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The development trend of muffle furnace

Time:2020-11-06 10:06
The development trend of muffle furnace

   There are generally three types of hot blast stoves: internal combustion hot blast stoves (including improved ones), external combustion hot blast stoves, and top combustion hot blast stoves.

   Among the three methods, the top-combustion hot blast stove has a symmetrical structure, the simplest and most reasonable, with a small amount of work, a small area, and the lowest investment and maintenance costs. The effective utilization of the inner area of ​​the shell is the highest, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the large wall can be used for 100% heat storage. The lower dome temperature can achieve high wind temperature, the working conditions of refractory materials are obviously improved, and high wind temperature and long life can be achieved at the same time. Top-fired hot blast stove is the main direction of the development of hot blast stove technology.

  The combustion chamber of the improved internal combustion hot blast stove and the regenerator are arranged in a shell in parallel longitudinally, and the cross-sectional area for heat storage in the large wall is only 67%. The refractory materials have poor working conditions and demanding quality. In order to increase the air temperature, it has become the first choice to transform the internal combustion hot blast stove into a top combustion type.

  External combustion type hot blast stove burning outside, covering a large area, large consumption of refractory materials and steel, large infrastructure projects, high investment. The connecting pipe is connected with the regenerator, which has a complicated structure and high cost. At the same time, the furnace body structure is not uniformly stressed, and it is difficult to achieve a long life.


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