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Small methods of high temperature furnace and other heat treatment equipment in work and maintenance

Time:2020-11-13 09:38
Small methods of high temperature furnace and other heat treatment equipment in work and maintenance
high temperature furnace
   The high-temperature furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle-operated electric furnace. It is mainly used for heat treatment such as normalizing, quenching and annealing of finished alloy steel products and various metal parts, or for high temperature sintering of cutting blades such as diamond. High-temperature furnaces have many characteristics during use, but some high-temperature furnaces have a certain effect on the work if they are used for a long time. This time is also very important for the maintenance of high-temperature furnaces.

         During the use of the high-temperature furnace, do not stay in the high-temperature furnace tube area for a long time except for testing; when handling HF, please wear gloves to avoid burns; if you accidentally touch HF, please flush with water immediately and add 2 calcium gluconate % Water, rub the scratched area for 15 seconds; please use the finished quartz glass carefully to avoid breaking and causing cuts; please wear a work mask to prevent inhalation of various gases from the furnace or disposal tank; once a fault is found Circumstances, high-temperature furnaces and other heat treatment equipment, please notify maintenance technicians immediately; potassium cyanide (KCN) cannot be mixed with acids, because the two can generate highly toxic gas; please save the amount of pure water; broken chips, filter paper, cotton swabs Please do not fall into the drain hole at the bottom of the washing tank. The small method in the work and maintenance is to avoid water accumulation on the floor due to poor drainage; at the end of the work, if no one continues to use, please turn off the gas and save the nitrogen activity , The furnace tube is connected to the normal temperature, and check whether there is another power supply that should be turned off. If you find that the power supply has not been turned off, please turn it off.

   The above are just some aspects that should be paid attention to in the daily use of the high-temperature furnace. Think of high-temperature box furnaces, which will cause failures after a long time. Therefore, we still have to learn to repair and maintain these products in daily work, which can greatly improve the service life and life of high-temperature furnace products.


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