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Detailed five operating procedures of high temperature furnace

Time:2020-11-13 09:48

Detailed five operating procedures of high temperature furnace
   High-temperature furnaces are frequently used in daily work, and there must be complete operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the machine and increase the service life. So what are the specific operating procedures for high-temperature furnaces? Now let Nuotai Technology tell you.

     High-temperature furnace operating procedures can be roughly divided into the following five points:

   1. Preliminary work

   1. Check if the power cord touch is good

   2. Check if the connection line is normal

  3. Check if the cooling water is normal

  4. Check if the tightness is normal

   5. Tools needed for preparation: dust-free paper, absolute alcohol, detailed high-temperature furnace canvas gloves, work gloves, masks, high-temperature gloves, graphite carts, stainless steel trays

   Two, open the furnace

  1, turn on the main power switch

  2, fill the furnace body with argon to atmospheric pressure, open the front door of the furnace body, and remove the graphite cover

   3. Turn the switch of the conveyor truck to OUT, and operate the UP-FORWARD-UP-BACK-DOWN buttons in sequence to remove. Graphite crucibles are placed on the graphite cart in turn and the transport cart switches.

  4, cleaning the furnace, clean up the dirt on the inner wall of the furnace, graphite parts and insulation materials

  Three, loading

   1. Place the graphite crucible on the conveyor platform, use the limit rod to determine its position, and load the silicon material in sequence in the five operating procedures.

  2. Pull out the limit rod, turn the switch of the conveyer to IN, and operate UP-FORWARD-BACK-DOWN in sequence to load the crucible into the furnace and determine that the conveyer will reach the initial position.

   3. Insert the graphite cover, tighten the graphite bolts, and close the furnace door

   Four, pumping

  1, check whether the furnace door is closed tightly and the vacuum system is sealed

  2, set the DP button to DP ON, turn on the dry vacuum pump, turn on the vacuum gauge switch P1G1, turn on the dry vacuum pump. Valve, start the leak test for air extraction,

  3, when the pressure gauge indicates 50Pa, the vacuum pump valve (non-vacuum pump) is closed to expose aluminum ≤1Pa/min, open the argon valve and fill it with argon (20L/min).

  4, heating, first turn on the water ring pump and then press RUN to start technical heating.

   Five, cooling

   1. After heating, cool down according to technical conditions;

   2. The temperature in the furnace drops below 200℃ and the pressure reaches one atmosphere before the furnace door can be opened to continue cooling.

  3. After cooling down to room temperature completely, turn the switch of the conveyor truck to OUT, and operate the UP-FORWARD-UP-BACK- DOWN button in sequence to take out the graphite crucible, take out the silicon material, and carry out sub-packaging.

   4. After cleaning the furnace body, close the furnace door and pump the furnace body to negative pressure.

   5. Organize and properly place other accessory objects.

   The above is our summary of the operating procedures of the high-temperature furnace, but in addition to operating in accordance with the operating procedures, we must also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the high-temperature furnace, so as to ensure that the furnace is durable.


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