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Characteristics of tube furnace and cleaning method in use

Time:2020-11-20 10:50
The tube furnace has an excellent feature:

   1. Novel appearance

   2. Furnace materials are all made of imported Morgan fiber (the energy saving effect is more than 80% of the old electric furnace)

   3. Accuracy (temperature control accuracy: ±1℃ constant temperature accuracy: ±1℃)

   4. Thermal insulation performance (the power is less than 30% of the total power during thermal insulation)

   5. Control (microcomputer control, programmable 40-segment curve, automatic heating/cooling)

   6. Working environment (anti-interference, housing temperature ≤50℃ at 1200℃ improves the working environment)

   7. Heating elements are distributed on both sides of the furnace/high temperature tube. Various gases can be added!

   8. Vacuum degree: 0.01 to -0.1 (MPa)

   9. Both sides of the stainless steel pipe are sealed with metal heads, with good effect

     Because the tube furnace is widely used in the test and production of refractory materials, electronics, ceramics, metallurgy, cleaning methods and machines in use, building materials, special materials, new material development and other fields, it is inevitable to produce furnace tube carbon slag or coking, etc. In the face of this problem, the usual cleaning methods of Zhengzhou Nuotai professional kiln manufacturers include physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. The physical cleaning uses mechanical force to break the carbon residue accumulated in the pipeline, and then blow the debris out with a high-speed airflow to make the pipeline unblocked. Chemical cleaning is to destroy the structure of the carbon residue or react with the carbon residue through a chemical reaction to achieve the purpose of cleaning the residue. Due to the characteristics of the tube furnace, the internal pipes are connected by 180° stamping elbows.

 If physical cleaning is used, the cleaning distance at a time is limited. It is necessary to open the door to the furnace tube in many places inside the tube furnace, clean it section by section and then weld it section by section, and then use high-speed airflow to blow. The cleaning time is long and very inconvenient. Using the chemical cleaning method of aerated gasification combustion, the characteristics of the tube furnace and only the opening of the oil-rich pipeline outside the tube furnace can be cleaned at one time, and there is no need for multiple openings to repair welding, saving labor and time . Since the gasification and combustion are complete, the cleaning is also thorough.


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