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Atmosphere furnace heating method

Time:2020-12-18 09:05
There are many types of atmosphere furnace heating methods, which can be classified according to the atmosphere in the furnace (F—exothermic, X—endothermic, YL—organic liquid cracking, D—nitrogen, A—ammonia preparation, M—charcoal, N— Ammonia, the last Q represents atmosphere)
     In order to ensure the stability of the atmosphere furnace, the atmosphere furnace can be divided into two types:
     One is that the flame is outside the muffle, and the workpiece is indirectly heated in the muffle;

     The second is that the muffle-free atmosphere furnace uses reducing gas, and uses various flame radiant tubes or electric radiant tubes to separate the flame or electric heating body from the furnace gas, so as not to break the stability of the furnace atmosphere.

     The reducing gas and air of the explosion-proof device are mixed to a certain mixing ratio, which is easy to cause an explosion at a certain temperature. Therefore, explosion-proof devices are installed in the front and rear chambers, quenching chambers and slow cooling chambers of the atmosphere furnace, and the atmosphere furnace supplies and exhausts. The control system should also have explosion-proof measures.


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