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What are the precautions to be taken before and during the use of CVD furnaces?

Time:2024-03-06 16:16

CVD furnace is a commonly used equipment in the coating industry, and there are many things to pay attention to during its use. Let's take a look at what they all have.

Before starting the furnace, check whether all valves are closed properly and whether the vacuum pump is working properly. After turning on the stove, it is necessary to stick to your position and not leave without authorization, and record the experimental parameters according to the requirements of the notebook.
Before using the furnace, the debris inside the furnace should be cleaned to ensure its cleanliness. After installing the sample, the insulation barrel cover should be closed and the furnace cover should be sealed to avoid gas leakage.
After the first use or prolonged use of the furnace, it should be dried to remove moisture and impurities from the furnace. The baking time should be set according to the specific situation, usually including the process of rising from room temperature to a certain temperature and maintaining it for a period of time.
During use, the electrical connections of the temperature control system should be regularly checked for good contact, especially the connection points of the heating elements. This can ensure that the furnace can work stably during the heating process and avoid malfunctions.
During use, CVD furnaces should avoid exceeding their rated temperature to prevent damage to heating elements and furnace lining. At the same time, it is prohibited to directly inject various liquids and dissolve metals into the furnace to maintain cleanliness.
When using quartz tubes in the furnace, it is important to note that the quartz tubes may experience loss of permeability at high temperatures. This is an inherent defect of fused quartz tubes. When the temperature exceeds 1000 ℃, the high-temperature part of the quartz tube will appear opaque, but it is a normal phenomenon.
During the operation process, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid material spraying in the furnace and prevent contamination of the furnace tubes. Meanwhile, it is important to note that the heating and cooling rates in each temperature zone should not be too fast to avoid damage to the furnace.

Common CVD systems
Common CVD systems

During use, pay attention to the following points:
Safe operation: CVD furnaces usually operate in high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive environments. Operators must strictly follow operating procedures, wear protective equipment, and ensure the safety of the furnace and surrounding environment.
Gas safety: Pay attention to the selection, flow rate, and purity requirements of gases. Before use, it is necessary to check whether the gas system is functioning properly, whether the valves are closed, ensure smooth gas channels, and avoid gas leakage and mixing.
Vacuum system: For vacuum CVD furnaces, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum system, check whether the vacuum pump and valve are working properly, and maintain a stable vacuum degree.
Sample preparation: The sample must be prepared properly before entering the furnace, ensuring a clean surface, no impurities, and correctly placed in the furnace cavity to ensure uniform deposition.
Heating control: Control the heating temperature and rate to avoid rapid heating or excessive temperature causing sample damage or reaction loss.
Atmosphere control: For atmosphere CVD furnaces, it is necessary to strictly control the composition and flow rate of the reaction atmosphere to ensure the stability and repeatability of the deposition process.
Real time monitoring: Monitor key parameters such as temperature, pressure, gas flow rate, etc., and adjust control parameters in a timely manner to maintain stable reaction conditions.
Regular maintenance: Clean, maintain, and upkeep the CVD furnace regularly to ensure the normal operation and long-term stability of the equipment.
Emergency response: During the operation, be prepared to deal with unexpected situations such as gas leaks, vacuum system failures, etc., take appropriate emergency measures, and promptly report to the police for handling.

Various models of CVD furnaces (click on the image to see more CVD furnaces)
Various models of CVD furnaces (click on the image to see more CVD furnaces)

The use of CVD furnaces requires strict adherence to operating procedures, attention to safety and environmental protection, ensuring the normal operation of equipment, and strengthening maintenance and monitoring to ensure the stability of the sedimentation process and product quality.Click to learn more CVD system! Or click on online customer service to learn more about product information!


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