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Inert Atmosphere Glove Box

Inert Atmosphere Glove Box

Model: VGB-6

Description:VGB-6 is a stainless steel glove box with the hinged type of front door designed for much easy loading and unloading device into the glove-box. The purification cylinder is made of BASF R3-11 Copper Catalyst and Lindy Molecular Sieve in order to achieve a low water and oxygen concentration of lower than 1 ppm, such that experiments can be conducted in a ultra-clean and highly purified gas environment. It is integrated with vapor pressure control system, purity control system, automatic gas purity regeneration control system, and system data log recording.Can into the gas, such as nitrogen,inert gas etc. EQ-VGB-6 is widely used in preparing nanomaterials, Li-ion battery materials, catalysts, and metallorganics. 

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Name     Inert Atmosphere stainless steel  Glove Box
Loading and unloading device from front door is much easier than ever !!!
Working Voltage    1 .110 or 220 VAC switchable, 50/60 Hz, single phase
   2. Max power: 1.5 kW 
Glove Box Chamber
  1.   1. Case Material: Stainless steel 304 with 3 mm thickness
  2.   2. Chamber dimension: 1200 mm L x 740 mm W x 900 mm H
  3.   3. Openable front window panel (tempered glass, 8 mm thick)
Chamber Condition
  1.  1. Water concentration: <1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm)
  2.  2. Oxygen concentration: <1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm)
Leak Rate
  •  <0.05 vol% / hr (depending on oxygen concentration inside the glove box)
Airlock Chamber
  1.  1.  Antechamber dimension: 360 mm Dia. x 600 mm L
  2.  2. Small chamber dimension (for tools): 150 mm Dia. x 220 mm L
Working Gas
  •  1. Operating gas: Inert gas such as N2, Ar, He
  •  2. Regenerating gas: For regenerating both oxygen and H2O remover, use mixture of H2 (5-10%) and operating gas
Gas Purification System
  •  1.  Automated regeneration process
  •  2.  Automated water and oxygen removal
  •  3.  Purification cylinder: made of BASF R3-11 Copper Catalyst and Lindy Molecular Sieve
  •  4. Pipeline: 304 stainless steel, KF40 and KF25 ports
Filter System
  • Inlet and outlet filter can eliminate particle size > 0.3 μm

Pressure Control System

  •  1. Automatic pressure control by PLC for the Glove Box Chamber
  •  2.  Pressure range: +/- 12 mbar
  •  3.  Manual pressure control is allowed via a foot pedal
Purging System
  •  Automatic purging system allows easy operating and reduces gas consumption
Control System
  •   1.  Siemens PLC control system with 6" touchscreen display
  •   2. Water concentration: 0 - 1000 ppm with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm
  •   3. Oxygen concentration: 0 - 1000 ppm with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm
  •   4. Pressure: -25 to 25 mbar with an accuracy of 0.01 mbar
  •   5. Automatic system data logging
Control System
  •   1. 240 L/m heavy duty double stage rotary vane pump for faster gas exhaust
  •   2.  Vacuum rate: 240 L/m (8.5 cfm)
  •   A pair of 9 3/4" butyl glove is included for immediate use
  •  Built-in fluorescent lamp
  •  1. Product Dimension: 2000 mm L x 1000 mm W x 1880 mm H (79" x 40" x 74")
  •  2. See the pictures below for detailed dimensions
Shipping Dimension
  •  86" L x 45" W x 91" H
Shipping Weight
  •  640 kg (1400 lbs)
  •  UL certified glove box is available upon request with extra cost
  •  1. One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  •  2. Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty

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