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Heat Treatment Technology Overview gem

Time:2015-03-10 09:39
    The jewel in the heating device can be controlled to select different heating temperatures and different redox conditions of heat treatment, so that gem colors, transparency and clarity, such as the appearance of features to improve the long-term, stable, and thus improve the aesthetic value of precious stones and commodities technical value. This is a potential beauty of the gem show up approach is an easy to operate and optimize the jewelery after treatment is widely accepted methods. According to national standards on the 1st of 1997 implementation date "GB / T16552-1996 jewelery name" requirement, this method belongs to the "optimization" of the range.         
    In ancient times, mainly by improving the gem-implemented method of heating. According to reports, as early as 2000 BC, heated onyx and carnelian appeared in India. Some people have ways to improve the ancient stones speculate: Ancient between regions, aggression and plunder of war continue to occur, often burning the bones of the dead, sometimes you will find some of the charred wreckage of precious ornaments (because nobles Often used as amulets and jewels with me).
   Thus, it was found that one might accidentally burnt together with its master color gemstone has been improved and become more beautiful. This person is likely to tell others of this phenomenon, it is possible to meet caring people who do not try to burn a beautiful gem burn, gradually worked out a set of methods. This may be the first discovery of the human heat treatment methods. Modern technology due to improved metallurgy, heat treatment temperature gem improved, the heat treatment process has been a new development. With the maturity of modern gemology, so natural stones processing optimization studies to become a science. Heating approach to this ancient gem in this period has periodically revived and flourished up increasingly sophisticated technology and perfect. Click to view related equipment: Laboratory Muffle furnace


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