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High temperature tube furnace and accessories requirements

Time:2020-09-05 16:50
High-temperature tube furnace and accessories requires the following eight areas:
1. Make sure the thermostat zone length, ensuring weeks * 24 hours * 30 days using a high-temperature tube furnace stability. Silicon carbide heating elements, temperature elevation rate within 3 hours, the furnace temperature accuracy and vice 3 degrees. Good high-temperature tube furnace refractory fiber insulation around the furnace, the furnace to maintain low temperature less than 45 degrees off, the heating efficiency is maximized. Draw temperature curve.
2, to ensure the quality of the quartz tube. Quartz tube is not blocked and sealed at both ends. High-temperature tube furnace with a quartz tube furnace and between the ends of insulation refractories (coarse and fine two tubes) to ensure that can withstand high temperatures above 1400 degrees.
3, S-type single-platinum-rhodium thermocouple (a temperature of 1400 degrees, half plus half the length of a quartz tube heated zone, the degree of accuracy deputy 1).
4, less than half the Park columnar crucible cartridge. A height of one third of the diameter of the quartz tube (quartz tube is slightly smaller than the radius of the radius), of length slightly less than or equal to the length of the temperature zone, according to the size of the diameter of the quartz tube 2 of each cartridge.
5, the high temperature plus reclaimer crucible hook box with two (coarse and fine two quartz tubes, less than half the length of the quartz tube)
6, a high temperature gloves, pliers two crucibles.
7, intelligent 30-segment program programmable temperature; computer operating furnace (start, stop, furnace; pause warming, set temperature curve, the storage temperature curve, the historical curve and other software). Without complex controls as simple as possible, but require adjustable temperature
8, tube furnace voltage, power according to the manufacturers nominal value. Power is as small as possible.


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