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What is the scope of a vacuum atmosphere furnace

Time:2015-03-27 09:18
 Vacuum atmosphere furnace is a closed furnace at a negative pressure is formed inside the vacuum environment, the heat medium is filled in the body of water. Heated by burning or otherwise heat medium water, and then evaporated by the heat medium water - condensation onto the heat exchanger, and then by a heat exchanger to heat the water to be heated.     
Vacuum atmosphere furnace is used for heating the device in a vacuum environment, mainly used for firing the ceramic material, vacuum refining, vacuum gas component in addition to brazing, annealing, metal parts, and ceramic - metal seal and the like.      
Vacuum furnace atmosphere furnace is divided into two portions; the upper part of the vacuum chamber (vacuum steam room), which has a tubular space built steam - water heat exchanger to heat flow through the heat exchanger in the circulating water. Operating principle: vacuum hot water boiler is running under vacuum furnace body water absorbs heat medium heat released from fuel combustion, Boiling encountered in stainless steel heat exchanger system circulating water temperature steam, low temperature steam rises, heating recycled water to users for heating or hot water. Water vapor itself is condensed into water droplets fall to the cooled heat medium water is heated once again, to complete the whole cycle.    
Internal vacuum furnace atmosphere works the same way. HTM constantly engaged in a closed body "boiling evaporation == == == condensing heat medium water" cycle, so no supplemental condensate, and no danger of burning empty. Vacuum hot water boiler use soda condensation heat, heat in all conditions, the soda condensation heat transfer coefficient is the highest.     
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