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Environmental performance electric furnace tube furnace

Time:2015-03-28 09:19
Tube furnace is the national standard cycle-type energy efficient furnace operation, ultra-energy structure, the use of advanced composite lining structure, saving 30% -40% for precision casting industry and mold shell heating, high efficiency, than oil, coal costs are significantly reduced. The tube furnace thermal material selection of high-quality energy-saving lightweight foam bricks and masonry from high quality insulation products. Tube furnace, the furnace temperature adjustment is convenient, safe, as long as the regulatory function of the button, you can achieve temperature control, eliminating the need to adjust oil furnace oil Tsui trouble. With temperature control and stability. Superior performance. Lower energy consumption. Furnace clean and so on. Solve your environmental pressures. Superior tube furnace performance. Lower energy consumption. Furnace clean and so on.     
Solve your environmental pressures. With good quality refractory insulation properties; heating elements made of high resistance alloy wire around the system, placed in the furnace put wire around the brick; or heating the material for silicon carbide tube furnace, double trolley recycled, high thermal efficiency high productivity, than ordinary electric car energy saving of about 20%. Use of silicon carbide or high-temperature furnace wire heating elements do, use a long time, heating speed, good formwork roasting effect, less waste, high yield after pouring. Quintana 41 electric roaster heat evenly, long life, safe and reliable, stainless steel precision casting shell mold is an alternative to silicon carbide furnace for heating wire, coal stove ideal energy-saving products. Door opening and closing and the trolley turn out for mechanical drive and equipped with an electrical interlock device on or off when the door rises to a certain position before the trolley motion; floor furnace heat-resistant steel castings.     
Electric roaster and control cabinet with the use of automatic control of furnace operating temperature. Tube furnace flue unique technology, solve water glass shuttering moisture, temperature rises difficult industry problems. Under the same conditions of heat, furnace temperature tube furnace from 1270 degrees to 1200 degrees rose refractory fiber lining requires only 10 minutes to heat up the stove, and heavy conventional oven 70 minutes, saving 60 minutes heating time. Visible, tube furnace refractory lining of different energy efficiency is different, different operating costs. Fire-resistant fiber is a new energy-saving refractories. In neutral, oxidizing atmosphere, use can maintain good tensile strength, toughness, and fiber structure, with good thermal stability, chemical stability, low density, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, high thermal, set refractory, heat, light and energy saving in one.     
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