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Vacuum atmosphere furnace shell design points

Time:2015-03-31 09:28
 In the production of vacuum atmosphere furnace process, in addition to the vacuum chamber, heat-resistant material, vacuum structure, structural design of the outer water cooling, etc., for the furnace shell design is also very strict. I Co., Ltd., in the production process of practice focused on the end of induction furnace vacuum atmosphere precautions shell designed to explore together with you today.     
1, the furnace shell is designed as a circular structure, fewer welds, to facilitate assembly, no distortion, easy to carry out checks on each weld.     
2, the material used in the furnace shell try to use rolled steel, cast materials can not be used.    
3, when the furnace pressure is lower than 1.33 × 10-3 pa, the furnace shell is preferably made of stainless steel, to prevent air furnace shutdown when water vapor condenses in the furnace shell rust; furnace pressure is higher than 1.33 × When 10-3 pa, its inner surface using the furnace shell made of carbon steel corrosion protection should be used, such as aluminum or spray painting rust and so on.     
4, water-cooled furnace shell should be taken to prevent heat distortion, if the water jacket structure should be used spiral, serpentine tube cooling.     
5, when the water-cooled jacket, the spacing of the water jacket and the furnace shell; large furnace is preferably 30 ~ 40mm, a small furnace preferably 12 ~ 25mm .. Intake of the best design in the lowest water jacket, outlet design at the highest point of the water jacket. Cold water channel but does not allow the dead to prevent the accumulation of vapors cause local overheating.     
6, vacuum atmosphere furnace shell diameter is less than 1200mm, the furnace shell or end cap can be made flat head; more than 1200mm should be designed to be oval or dished head.     
7, the inner wall of the furnace shell design temperature should not exceed 150 degrees, in order to ensure that the weld strength and air tightness.     
In short, Protech dental furnace Limited has always resolutely implement the design and production process, pay attention to the materials used are applicable under vacuum and heated in special environments such as to the importance of ensuring the safety equipment in the course of production.     
Article Source:http://www.lab-furnace.com


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