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Structure and application scope tube furnace

Time:2015-04-01 09:31
Tube furnace structure: tubular resistance furnace in shape of a transverse cylinder, placed it on a pedestal made of thin steel plate. Furnace shell with a thin steel rings welded tubular furnace refractories studio is made of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, the outer surface of the furnace system has spiral grooves monofilament, Fe-Cr alloy wire wound on silk tank. Hearth furnace refractory material at both ends with ring fixed to the lid. Between the furnace and the furnace shell with aluminum refractory fiber insulation materials such as masonry.     
Tube furnace range of applications: tubular resistance furnace for laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for chemical analysis, physical measurement and thermocouple test heating. Dingtan single tube furnace with silicon carbide heating elements for analysis, the determination of ordinary steel or alloy steel containing carbon and sulfur content in heating. This series resistance furnace tube furnace cycle operations, for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, laboratories and workshops for chemical analysis, physical measurement and identification of thermocouple heating purposes.     
Safe use of tube furnace: In the key parts installed audible warning devices and safety interlock protection devices to ensure safety and security of its equipment facilities meet safety standards prescribed by the state, including:
(1) over-temperature burnout alarm and protection; inflatable abnormal; grounding protection; short circuit protection.
(2) the lid closed, the vacuum degree to meet the requirements before they start heating.
(3) If the thermocouple breaks or over-temperature furnace temperature, the stove automatically stops heating.
(4) equipment without water, heating the oven automatically stops.
(5) When the furnace overpressure, automatic pressure relief safety relief valve to ensure the safe operation of the system.     
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