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Define the vacuum resistance furnace

Time:2015-04-02 09:38
At present, our vacuum furnaces used in these industries are basically single-chamber or dual-chamber vacuum furnace batch, the drawback is the low efficiency, high energy consumption, high cost, low yield and is not suitable for mass production. In order to overcome these shortcomings exist in a vacuum furnace batch to meet the needs of modern industrial mass production in the years to develop the single-chamber, dual-chamber vacuum furnace batch, based on the key technical challenges for continuous vacuum furnace to tackle problems independently development, well-designed, Zhengzhou Protech successfully developed a multi-chamber continuous vacuum furnace.
The product is a combination of automatic assembly line multi-chamber vacuum heating equipment Mechatronics, its novel structure, easy operation, advanced digital Foshan Electrical Co., Ltd. Yutian performance, reliable operation, the overall technical performance of the equipment has reached similar products in developed countries over the same period level, is the traditional single-chamber vacuum furnace batch upgrading of the ideal equipment.  
Define the vacuum resistance furnace is an important industrial heating equipment in the 1940s developed the widely used titanium, zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium and other reactive metals, refractory metals and alloys, aluminum, iron electrician No oxidation bright annealing soft magnetic alloy, brass band and other metal materials; bright quenching speed tool steel, mold steel; stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, carbide, high-temperature alloys, ceramics same kind of material or dissimilar materials No inter-vacuum brazing flux; carbide vacuum sintering, rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB sintered materials; tubes, vacuum switches, vacuum exhaust with stainless steel thermos flasks sealing and so on. In aviation, aerospace, ships, vehicles, machinery, electronics, petrochemical, tools, materials, electronics and other industries are increasingly playing an increasingly large role.
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