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Heat treatment tube experiments furnace

Time:2015-04-03 09:39
Heat treatment tube experiments furnace, A heat treatment furnace tube experiments, which includes furnace shell, boxes and thermocouple temperature control instrumentation, temperature control instrumentation box at the top of the furnace shell, furnace shell is provided with a heating furnace tube open at both ends, on both ends of the heating furnace tube furnace shell is provided with a projecting tube, respectively, on the protruding tube is provided with a lid, one end of a thermocouple temperature control meter box, and the other end is located to the inner tube.
Temperature control instrumentation on the top of the furnace shell, can make it compact, small footprint; protruding pipe welded at both ends of the furnace when the samples were heated oil to solve the housing problem of black smoke.
Lid is stepped, small head inserted into the tube, the bulk of outsourcing parts of stainless steel as both beautiful and tight hand, insulation is not hot, there is an observation hole in the middle for easy operation. Both ends of the furnace lid, it can be carried out simultaneously at both ends thereof experiment, thereby enhancing the effect of heat treatment of the test piece, to save energy.
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