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Tube resistance furnace atmosphere introduction

Time:2015-04-07 09:30
Tube resistance furnace atmosphere mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium anode and cathode materials, new energy, and other industries measured abrasive materials under certain atmospheric conditions of professional equipment.
Description: tube furnace were all using the new high-energy electric performance of international advanced technology research and development, there is a single tube, double pipe, horizontal, can be opened, vertical, single-zone, dual-zone, three-zone other tube furnace. Mainly used in experiments and small batch production purposes universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises. A safe, reliable, simple operation, high precision, good insulation effect, a large temperature range, the furnace temperature uniformity, temperature zone more, matching the atmosphere, vacuum furnace and so on.
Tube furnace atmosphere Features: Choice of single setpoint or 30 segments programmable controller. Energy-efficient ceramic fiber material and double-layer structure, surface temperature can be reduced to room temperature. Mayor average temperature, easy to operate, reliable seal, higher overall performance, the leading domestic level. Heat-resistant steel tube can be optionally configured, quartz glass, ceramic and other materials.
Advantages: mature technology; simple furnace structure; easy to operate, easy to control, continuous production; higher ethylene, propylene yield, high product concentration; less power consumption, high thermal efficiency; most of pyrolysis gas and flue gas can try recycling; Scope With advances in materials technology and widening cleavage; oven combination can be more large-scale production.
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