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Features detailed experimental electric heating

Time:2015-04-13 09:18
Protech Ltd. Zhengzhou customers special consideration when using laboratory furnace, the importance of the use of equipment and operation, with increasing requirements of a variety of new furnace, the company provides some technical information and data for reference only. Experimental electric heating characteristics:  Heating speed, high efficiency, low carbon oxidation off, saving the cost of materials and die because of the principle of induction heating of electromagnetic induction, the heat generated within the workpiece itself, ordinary workers to work after ten minutes with electric furnace can be forged continuous tasks, without burning stove professional workers in advance and sealed furnace burning furnace work. Do not worry coal stove due to power outages or equipment failure caused heated billet waste. Since the heating heating speed, laboratory furnace oxidation so little, forgings and burning stove saves a tonne of steel raw materials compared to at least 20-50 kg, the material utilization up to 95%. Since the heating uniform heating, the temperature difference between the minimum core table, so forging side also greatly increase the life of forging die, forging the surface roughness is less than 50um.     
Superior work environment, improving labor environment and the company's image, non-polluting, low energy consumption compared with the coal stove induction furnace, workers will no longer be under the scorching sun baked and smoked coal stove, but can achieve the environmental protection department indicators requirements, and establish future trends Zhengzhou Protech muffle furnace companies external image and forging industry. Induction heating is the most energy efficient electric furnace heating from room temperature to 1100 ℃ ton forging power consumption of less than 360 degrees. Uniform heating, the temperature difference between the core table is extremely small, high-precision temperature control induction heating the heat generated in the workpiece itself so uniform heating, the temperature difference between the minimum core table. Application temperature control system can achieve precise control of temperature, improve product quality and yield. Induction furnace with small size, light weight, high efficiency, excellent quality and favorable heat plus the environment, etc. are rapidly eliminated coal-fired furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace and general resistance furnace, tube furnace, a new generation of metal heating equipment .     
Industrial application of induction melting furnaces have a crucible furnace (coreless induction furnace) and melt channel furnaces (induction furnaces) ,. Crucible with refractory or steel, capacity from a few kilograms to several tons. Its melting crucible melt characteristics are powered by the action, forcing the pool level raised, since the liquid center melt flow caused by circulating four weeks. This phenomenon is called an electric effect, can melt composition uniformity, the disadvantage is biased surrounding slag coverage is poor. Compared with the melt channel furnace, crucible furnace flexible operation, high melting temperature, but low power factor, power consumption is higher. Induction melting furnace consists ditch core, induction coil and melt channel lining composed of one or two melt channel strip ring groove, which is filled with the bath melt phase Unicom. In principle, the furnace can be regarded as the secondary melt channel only one turn of the coil and the iron core transformer short circuit.    
Induced current in melt flow melt channel, and to achieve electric change. High-temperature furnace production, metal smelting furnace after each finished emptying the pool can not, otherwise easy to dry, must be retained as part of the next batch of melt from the melt. The pool of high melting temperature than the ditch, they bear the melt flow erosion, melting ditch so easy to damage the lining for ease of maintenance, modern stove made easy replacement of the sensor assembly. Furnace melt channel capacity from a few hundred to a hundred kilograms tonnes. Melting furnace ditch-frequency power supply, due to the production of silicon steel core useful for magnetic path, electrical efficiency and power factor are high. Melting furnace is mainly used ditch cast iron, copper, zinc, brass melting, but also as a mixed melting Shanghai for storage and heating the melt. Other specific technical details can consult: Zhengzhou Protech Co.
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