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Laboratory Muffle furnace installation and use

Time:2015-04-14 09:13
Check wiring and correct to electricity, the first on the power switch, and then the toggle switch on the control panel to pull the open position, the switch is set to pull the set position, adjust the setting knob, the temperature setting to the degree that you need, and then pull the switch to set the position measurement. At this time the red light (NO), also pull contactor sound, electric powered, ammeter indicates the heating current value. With increasing temperature the furnace temperature slowly rising, indicating that work.
When the temperature rises to set the desired temperature, the red light is off (NO), the green light (OFF), automatic electric power, stop warming. Later, when the furnace temperature dropped slightly, the green light is off, the red light, electric stove and automatically energized. Again and again, the purpose of automatic control of furnace temperature.
The setting for the integration of electric, electric no special installation, just flat on the floor or bench indoors. For safe operation, the furnace required to be grounded. In order to check whether the device burnout protection work, the method is: Loosen the thermocouple end, then the temperature quickly rose to the highest point instructions also automatically cut off the heating power, the good burnout device, reconnect after a good thermocouple, can work properly.
Ovens, when the furnace after first use or re-use of long-term disabled and must be oven. Its procedure is as follows:
When the temperature rose 200 ℃ 4 hours (open the door to let the water vapor distribution)
When l 200 ℃ 600 ℃ 4 hours (close the door)
When l 600 ℃ 800 ℃ 2 hours (close the door)
Laboratory Muffle furnace use, first toggle switch on the control panel to pull off position, then cut off the main power switch.


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