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Understand the characteristics of the experimental electric furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:50
Laboratory furnace REVIEW: laboratory furnace is one of Zhengzhou Protech furnace Limited production of electric furnace, high quality, the majority of customers welcome, now let us follow the staff to understand Protech furnace Limited experimental electric heating characteristics of it.    
Laboratory furnace heating speed, high production efficiency, low carbon oxidation off, saving the cost of materials and die because of the principle of induction heating of electromagnetic induction, the heat generated within the workpiece itself, after ordinary workers to work with electric furnace ten minutes task of forging a continuous work without burning stove professional workers in advance and sealed furnace burning furnace work.
Do not worry coal stove due to power outages or equipment failure caused heated billet waste. Since the heating heating speed, laboratory furnace oxidation so little, forgings and burning stove saves a tonne of steel raw materials compared to at least 20-50 kg, the material utilization up to 95%. Since the heating uniform heating, the temperature difference between the minimum core table, so forging side also greatly increase the life of forging die, forging the surface roughness is less than 50um. Induced current in melt flow melt channel, and to achieve electric change. High-temperature furnace production, metal smelting furnace after each finished emptying the pool can not, otherwise easy to dry, must be retained as part of the next batch of melt from the melt.
The pool of high melting temperature than the ditch, they bear the melt flow erosion, melting ditch so easy to damage the lining for ease of maintenance, modern stove made easy replacement of the sensor assembly. Furnace melt channel capacity from a few hundred to a hundred kilograms tonnes. Melting furnace ditch-frequency power supply, due to the production of silicon steel core useful for magnetic path, electrical efficiency and power factor are high. Melting furnace is mainly used ditch cast iron, copper, zinc, brass melting, but also as a mixed melting Shanghai for storage and heating the melt. Z
hengzhou Protech furnace Co. in terms of production of electric heating furnace many years of history. Now has more than 20 kinds of standardized furnace, treatment temperature from 400oC to 1800 ℃ applications include: pottery, ceramics, chemicals, laboratory and dental, metal and plastic heat treatment and surface treatment technology, foundry, glass, etc.
Product series Laboratory Muffle furnace,Tube furnace,Dental furnace, high temperature furnace, pit furnace, bell furnace, trolley furnace, insulation and melting crucible furnace, pit furnace, and so on. Customers are welcome to visit the official website:http://www.lab-furnace.com


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