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Muffle furnace cleaning

Time:2015-04-16 09:04
Zhengzhou Protech muffle furnace muffle furnace with you to explore the details of the cleaning process, and hope for your help cleaning maintenance equipment, better to extend its service life.  
(1) during the continuous production of a muffle furnace cleaned once a week, intermittent production furnace tank cleaning should be carried out immediately after the shutdown,   
(2) tank cleaning oven temperature is 850 ~ 870 ℃ when the chassis is removed completely;   
(3) with compressed air nozzle from the feed end of the furnace is blown, the valve opening was not too much, when you have to blow around, moving, to prevent local overheating;   
(4) gas burner cleaned once before carburizing with kerosene.   
(5) to the chassis or fixture should return after quenching the pre-cooling chamber to remove oil.  
(6) found that the exhaust pipe blockage (sudden increase in pressure in the furnace) should be cleaned immediately. First open the exhaust valve seal barrier, and then close the valve through the seal of the exhaust pipe. Cleared should hit open water seal valve exhaust pipe, and then close the barrier seal exhaust valves.
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