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Matters needing attention in the heating process of laboratory muffle furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:50
Quality Control Laboratory Muffle furnace during heat treatment generally have three components:  
First, stock control, incoming inspection is especially important to verify the workpiece materials, specifications when purchasing quantity Some need to check the appearance of the work, did not do before, nothing to say, do, quality problems, then the responsibility Either it is easy to confuse.  
Second, the process is more important to develop and process inspection. Technology development and testing are inextricably linked, and only through Inspection to correct the process.
Therefore, the process of testing is required to determine the detection period according to the actual situation of production, production Process, there are some overlooked or difficult to find variables, such as: from equipment, man-made factors.
Third, in the process of manufacturing operations, process manufacturing operations, because of negligence of the operator, can easily cause close.
Georgia and unqualified confusion, this is the issue the inspection process are difficult to find. Thus, the operation of the operator.
Process to be strict, and the person in charge of inspections must also be in place.
The above process is controlled by a person, so the level of business in all aspects of personnel positions, skills, responsibility for training is very important. Emphasis on production, ignoring quality, focusing on economic interests, ignoring the training of personnel. Bound to cause incalculable quality problems.


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