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High-temperature furnace safety

Time:2015-04-20 09:39
 The use of high-temperature furnace safety has always been a major problem around the factories and enterprises as well as the laboratory, how to do a safe, efficient, less wear and tear, good performance?
Zhengzhou Protech Laboratory Muffle furnace, the experts made the following point:     
Industrial high-temperature furnace with a circulating fluidized bed boiler fuel, high combustion efficiency, efficient desulfurization, low nitrogen oxide emissions, less feed point, a large proportion of load regulation and fast load regulation and other advantages. In China has been considerable development. Because this kind of boiler combustion particle flow velocity is high, the high temperature of the refractory lining has a strong erosion, abrasion effect, especially in other parts of the combustion chamber and cyclone boilers bear the particles, air and dust medium abrasion and thermal shock effects leading refractory lining erosion, abrasion, flaking and collapsed, seriously affected the normal operation and production of the boiler.
Therefore necessary to develop a new type of high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, abrasion and thermal shock resistance of the binder to improve the performance of refractories. Since a long period at a temperature of the boiler state 900 ℃ -1100 ℃ work at this temperature refractory ceramic is difficult to achieve a sintered state, seriously affect the refractory properties. So the key to solve the problem is to achieve a high temperature furnace temperature sintered ceramic adhesive state in a circulating fluidized bed boiler temperature range, resulting in a stable and good compressive strength and wear-resistant thermal shock resistance.     
These views are part of our ideas, more dynamic industry and the scientific method, please visit Zhengzhou Protech furnace Co., Ltd.


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