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Laboratory Muffle furnace rules

Time:2015-04-21 09:36
In terms of the production of electric heating furnace has 20 years of history in Zhengzhou Protech Tube furnace Limited.
Here we explain Laboratory Muffle furnace operating procedures.
1, the power, turn on the power switch, indicator light, into the working state, the meter displays the ambient room temperature.
2, the temperature setting on the temperature control knob or DIP switches to adjust to the desired temperature value, when the green light on the instrument, said heating furnace is energized, said the power outage holding a red light, when the traffic light alternates that enter constant temperature. When the thermostat 30 minutes after the meter indicates the temperature and setpoint values are basically the same.
3, KSW type is directly controlled, no current regulation, because the heating element is gold, its resistance is substantially constant, so that electric power is constant, the control may be direct.

4, KSW type of current regulation type, which controls the heating element is silicon carbide. Characteristic of silicon carbide is the resistance at low temperature is small, so great power, with increasing temperature the resistance increases, so it is necessary to mediate its power at low temperatures, which is reflected in the size of the power ammeters and voltmeters on. Note that the voltmeter shows voltage of the output voltage and current which is equal to the product of its power, this power can not be greater than the rated power of the controller,so before turning the adjustment knob should be placed in the smallest bit Ge,then gradually to the big picture regulate and observe the ammeter display,not avoid the situation suddenly to the maximum.
5, the power must be installed at the introduction of leakage protection.
6, the current capacity of the power supply must meet the electric power needs.
7, the controller can not be too close to the furnace.
8, the indoor temperature is not greater than 85%, and its surroundings must not put flammable and corrosive materials disposal.
9, furnace and controller housing must be properly grounded.
10, when the furnace for the first time or re-used long-term disabled and must be oven, oven time, four hours at room temperature to 200 ℃ to 600 ℃ ?200 ℃ four hours. 1300 ℃ furnace 200 ℃ one hour, 200 ℃ to 500 ℃ two hours, 500 ℃ to 800 ℃ three hours, 800 ℃ to 1200 ℃ two hours, when the furnace temperature should not exceed the maximum use temperature, to avoid burning the heating element, and prohibits the furnace in the perfusion of various liquids and dissolved metals.
11, the furnace and the controller must not exceed 85% relative humidity, no explosive gas and conductive dust can damage electronic components and metal insulation corrosive gases workplace.
12, the controller operating temperature is limited to 0-50 ℃.
13, according to the technical requirements, always check the furnace regularly connect the controller terminals is good, whether the phenomenon stuck sluggish indicator pointer movement and electricity potentiometer calibrated to avoid errors due to various causes too.


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