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How to replace silicon carbide in laboratory muffle furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:50
Protech Ltd Zhengzhou you explain the Laboratory Muffle furnace How to replace silicon carbide
1, when the first all-electric use or long-term disabled after use again, you must conduct a drying oven.
2, the replacement of silicon carbide, silicon carbide should be noted that the use of new resistance value close. When replacing, first remove the protective cover, and silicon carbide junction between two ends of a folder. After removing the silicon carbide bad, you should check the hole ends of the ceramic tube is intact. Because silicon carbide brittle and easily broken, so be careful when installing, exposed ends of the furnace section should equalization, wiring clips must be fastened at the end of the spray head with a metal powder, the wiring should be replaced with a new folder if severe oxidation of to prevent loosening due to poor contact and short circuit generates heat loss. Silicon carbide two mounting holes at the end of the slot in the application of asbestos rope packing asbestos fibers.
3, lining after prolonged use, it will gradually damage, such as damage to the more serious, you can not continue to use, and because the repair is not possible in the furnace, a partial removable lining brick, demolition should be noted that silicon carbide and silicon carbide sleeve stick ceramic tube, as well as insulation and fire-resistant layer of order placement. Just replace the brick lining the sides as can the side insulation and fire-resistant layer removed to facilitate the location of the construction can be, without having to unload large dismantled. When using the wrong silicone insulation dry adobe masonry joints dry masonry, masonry joints with particles less than 0.5 mm silicon powder packing dry soil. When installing carbon rod hole masonry brick, brick hole should be the center of attention must be consistent, so that the correct installation of porcelain, silicon carbide not guarantee the force and damage.
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