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Laboratory Muffle furnace use

Time:2015-04-23 09:42
1. Laboratory Muffle furnace use
1.1 Checking Laboratory Muffle furnace, temperature controller and thermocouple wire is intact special compensation. Manual, certificate is complete, read the instructions carefully and follow the installation and operating instructions of the installer.
1.2 The furnace temperature controller level on the bench, in accordance with the electrical connection diagram shown, with the corresponding cross-sectional area of ​​copper insulated wire to make a reliable connection, the device should be connected with reliable shell protective earthing or protect access to zero. The distance between the furnace temperature controller and not too close, to prevent the normal working environment temperature is too high due to the effects of temperature controllers. Thermocouple wire should be connected with the compensation can not pay attention to the polarity wrong, thermocouple terminal polarity clearly marked polarity compensation wire by wire insulation colors to distinguish, where red is positive, blue or Green is negative.
1.3 When the furnace initial use or re-use long-term disabled and must be oven dried. Ovens follows: power after setting knob is set at 200 ℃ for four hours, and the door open for a little, to let go of moisture. Then set the knob to set to work four hours at 600 ℃, oven dry ends.
1.4 Ovens finished Laboratory Muffle furnace can start normally.
1.5 Laboratory Muffle furnace using a temperature controller: Turn on the power switch, power switch indicator light, said power supply has been switched on, the value when the temperature control instrument displays the current temperature inside the furnace. Conducted in accordance with the desired operating temperature of the temperature setting, after setting the temperature controller of the green light indicates that the controller can start working.
1.6 Fill use after use after recording.


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