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Box furnace energy-saving technology

Time:2015-04-24 09:10
Energy conservation is our long-term strategic policy. The energy consumption of China's machinery industry products, typically 65% of the total energy consumption, and heat treatment industry is one of the big power, known as the electric tiger, accounting for 20% to 30% of electricity consumption in machinery manufacturing, China's machinery manufacturing Plant heat treatment furnace electricity costs account for about 40 percent of production costs. Given our limited energy resources, and the heat treatment industry is energy-hungry, so therefore abandoned heat energy savings a priority industry. Our huge energy industry, heat treatment, the unit energy consumption is generally 800 kW · h / t or more, while industrial production in developed countries such as USA, Japan, in 400kW · h / t less disparity between the two quite different.
The reason lies behind much of heating equipment. So far, many companies heating Laboratory Muffle furnace heat treatment used, or in imitation of the Soviet Union in the 1950s, "youngest-like furnace" - pit furnace, box furnace, car heaters mainly poor sealing of these furnaces, storage Heat a large, long heating time, the heat seriously, causing a lot of energy is wasted. To this end, we Zhengzhou Protech for these "third kind furnace" has taken some measures to energy-saving technology, and achieved good results. For more information, please attention: http: //www.lab-furnace.com


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