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Tube furnace quartz tube furnace structure and design

Time:2015-04-27 09:01
  Furnaces is one of the important inorganic material test laboratory equipment necessary basis, many currently commercially available types of high temperature furnace main drawback, the injection, the samples are manually, the degree of poor precision of their operation.     
Commonly used tube furnace quartz tube furnace are most used or alumina tube with stainless steel flanges together and connected to form a high temperature gaskets, tube furnace hearth structure is composed of a quartz glass tube with a piston connected to form, the connection with the high-temperature vacuum grease seal, the advantage of a simple furnace structure, easy disassembly, cleaning is very convenient, the furnace not only reduce the amount of stainless steel, but also reduce the production cost, intelligent temperature control system using modern multi-intelligent process control instrument temperature control, good stability, fast elevating the temperature. Most furnace seals, vacuum equipment fittings of stainless steel, easy to cause metal contamination of the sample source.
Tube furnace hearth can also put other commonly used in the furnace, because the outer wall of the furnace and double insulation, so that heat loss narrowed, when replacing the sample sintered use convenient, fast and efficient and more practical, and ultimately the whole process operational safety performance will be better.


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