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Advantages quartz tube furnace hearth

Time:2015-04-28 09:12
Corundum quartz tube or pipe and stainless steel pipe flange formed new electric furnace tube furnace currently used instead of quartz glass tube and piston composition, reducing the production cost of the furnace and the outer wall of the furnace and double insulation, so reduce heat loss during the sintering use, more convenient and quick replacement of the sample, and better safety performance. Such a tube furnace for medium and low temperature process, mainly for high-temperature materials synthesis, sintering, the test can be used for diffusion welding and vacuum heat treatment or protection tube furnace under an atmosphere of work metallic materials.
Production of high-purity quartz tube furnace tube, a link in the furnace fronts sampling port of the piston valve, and the rear end of the two-way link piston vacuum, link ports are grinding mouth structure, some parts of the rotation after linking tenure and removal functions for two through the vacuum chamber between the piston and the inner wall of the port is equipped with quartz sand filter.
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