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Tube furnace temperature distribution test description

Time:2015-04-29 08:59
When measuring with a computer assistant, then in data processing, computing and automatic mapping function use Microsoft spreadsheet software, the test tube furnace temperature distribution work will become easy.      
For new installations and the period of use and repair after resistance furnace tube furnace, to be distributed to its axial temperature field tested for its adjustment, to ensure that test the quality of the thermocouple. Tube furnace thermocouple in the identification of various industrial electric equipment is one of the essential requirements according to test procedures thermocouple qualified resistance furnace must have some uniform distribution of temperature field, must require the highest temperature zone in the furnace lens center .      
Test tube furnace temperature distribution in the domestic commonly used detection method is mainly in three ways: differential and multi-point measurement method, displacement method, the displacement method is relatively simple, involving the measurement device is relatively small, But the error is generated in the measurement is quite large.      
For municipal and numerous thermocouple measurement test project to build its own target enterprise, because the test equipment and test conditions is a priority, coupled to the tube furnace temperature distribution requirements are not too high, the displacement method is a major The method of measurement. Displacement method is to heat with a standard length indicator road even insert cavity measuring method of different depths have baked cavity temperature distribution, the disadvantage of this method is derived from a larger amount of data to deal with them would be more cumbersome.


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