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How to deal with the burning of box heating furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:50
 Burnt phenomenon: the so-called over-burning industrial furnace heating means temperature is too high, causing the coarse austenite grain and grain boundary oxidation or partial melting occurs, resulting in the grain boundary weakening phenomenon. Steel burnt after a serious deterioration in performance even appeared hardened to form Tortoise, tube furnace burnt organization is unable to recover must be scrapped in actual operation so we must avoid over-burning phenomenon.       
Decarbonization is generally the case in industrial furnace to steel when heated, the surface of the carbon and medium oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor react, reducing the surface carbon concentration, which is called the removal, de-carbon steel Not only the surface hardness after quenching, the more the fatigue strength will be greatly reduced, and it will weaken the tensile residual stress and surface wear resistance is also easy to form the surface of the road is very bad network cracks.
Phenomenon is usually the case when the oxidation chamber furnace steel surface heating occurs with iron and alloy elements and media oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor produced by the reaction of the oxide film is called oxidation. We generally use surface coatings, with a stainless steel foil package sealing heating, salt bath furnace heating and other methods to prevent oxidation and decarbonization phenomena workpiece. More than 570 degrees in the ordinary artifacts occur oxidation state, after oxidation of the workpiece is not simply dimensional accuracy and surface brightness will appear also extremely prone to hardening the soft spot on the steel case of poor hardenability deteriorated and when have the oxide film occur.
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