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Alarm warning analysis chamber furnace heating

Time:2015-05-04 09:01
 Made out appropriate measures, please observe the following steps, has not yet reached the set temperature, it begins to alarm this is what happens, our engineers address this issue, I believe we will find out the products themselves where the problem occurs. Some customers reflect box furnace when heated. In accordance with the top way to check, perhaps we will find where the problem, the box furnace if still not solve the problem, please contact us, we will send engineers to stop all kinds of problems have to answer your questions.     
When heating alarm data is a little bit more than the set temperature, the view ALM1, this is the upper limit alarm data, look at how much is the right digital temperature box furnace plus ALM1 after this temperature, total temperature tube furnace We set the temperature over a little bit, this is the ALM1 role.     
We can roughly from two points of view, inspection probe is a thermocouple, a second check box furnace temperature controller is working properly.     
We should look at the temperature controller, the tube furnace where he set value must be zero, and only if zero is normal.     
Look at the set value, whether it is time to set accidentally set the wrong. That is on top of the box-type furnace to see this data SV.


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