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Laboratory Muffle furnace temperature uniformity factor

Time:2015-05-14 08:56
For industrial use box-type furnace, the temperature uniformity is the maximum temperature difference laboratory muffle furnace when the furnace using the space. Workpiece quality due to its particularly affected, so the cause of the temperature difference between box-type furnace and resolve to find it is important.
According to Head of laboratory muffle furnace manufacturers Protech furnace, at present it has identified factors Laboratory Muffle furnace temperature affect roughly 6.
1. The heating element circuit, the power distribution is unreasonable;
2. The stove seal bad, local excessive heat;
3. The bottom temperature is low, the heating power phase, the fuse is blown;
4.The stove structure is irrational lead to localized cooling is too large;
5. The thermocouple installation location, or insertion depth does not reflect the true temperature;
6. With fan oven gas circulation uneven or insufficient wind. In this regard there are corresponding actions, we can understand the next.
1. recalculated improve power configuration;
2. Check furnace seals eliminate seal adverse factors;
3. Increase the bottom heating power;
4. Improved furnace construction or cooling methods;
5. reasonable choice installation location, or insert a thermocouple depth;
6. reasonable place artifacts, increasing wind turbine.
For more influence laboratory muffle furnace temperature uniformity factors and proper treatment, and I hope that when we encounter such problems usually able to maintain calm and to do properly.


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