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How to deal with slow heating furnace

Time:2015-05-15 09:04
For industrial foundry furnace industry, precise control of temperature Status determines the quality of the cast product. Then use operation, high-temperature furnace temperature is too slow or if there is not up to the production of high temperatures needed, how do we deal with it?
According to high-temperature furnace maintenance personnel, high-temperature furnace generally appear slow or can not reach the required heating temperature problem, we first need to do is to analyze what happens reasons for this problem? And then to prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem.
If the cause is due to the grid voltage is too low, then only we need to stabilize the grid voltage can be solved. And if it is caused due to improper use, such as improper furnace operation or charging too much, it would only need to be adjusted can be solved. But if it is part problem, you need a special treatment.
For example, phase current imbalance exceeds 20%, or heating element circuit, phase, resistance value does not meet the requirements, the temperature control device failure, the presence of short circuit element, the element error caused by the connection method, you need to have targeted Replace or repair process.
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