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Box furnace silicon carbide appear damaged How to repair

Time:2015-05-18 08:51
According to box-type furnace maintenance personnel, in use if the operator found to silicon carbide is damaged, it should be replaced by the resistance value of similar specifications silicon carbide, and the method to be correct. Next we take a look at box furnace silicon carbon rod failure, specifically what is the solution.
If you find a cartridge box furnace with severe oxidation, should get a new cartridge. Change the method to remove the ends of three steps to maintain cover and silicon carbide chuck; Then removed the damaged silicon carbide, silicon carbide due frangible means be careful when exposed ends of the furnace shell portion should be equal, chuck tightening is necessary to make good contact with the silicon carbide.
Silicon carbide hole slit at the two ends use of asbestos rope infarction.
If the box furnace for more than 4 hours after hair conditioning clockwise to the maximum heating power conditioning button status, the heating current is still feeble, small interval labeling machine additional value far not reach the required heating power, then prove box-type furnace of silicon carbide has been aging.
The correct approach is to not only change connection assembly of silicon carbide, and after the change connection when using a muffle furnace to pay attention to the slow heating power conditioning button conditioner, heating current value must not exceed the extra value.


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