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Structure and use of safety analysis of energy-saving labora

Time:2015-05-19 08:56
Highly promoted energy conservation today, laboratory muffle furnace is also constantly improve the upgrade. So saving box-type furnace in structure and safety have what characteristic?
Structure practicality. Saving laboratory muffle furnace hearth material used is of high quality polycrystalline mullite fiber, vacuum formed, surrounded by the heating temperature field uniformity can save energy by 50%. The heating element is used in the surface temperature of the high-quality silicon carbide 1500 ℃; the advanced air insulation technology combines heat-sensing technology, so when the furnace surface temperature box furnace reaches 50 ℃, exhaust temperature and fan can be started automatically rapid cooling the furnace shell surface.
Use safety. Saving box-type furnace door automatically when you turn off, safety, energy conservation; over-temperature when the temperature exceeds the allowable value will be automatically set off the alarm; leakage protection, mainly off automatically when the leakage when the furnace electricity.


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