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Specific attention to the operation of laboratory muffle furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
Process laboratory muffle furnace operations as a whole, like the other other electric stove, but in particular on furnace maintenance, operation, points to note has its own unique considerations. Next we open the blast furnace and production understand his specific attention points from laboratory muffle furnace.
Box furnace blast furnace needs to be done in the open ready to have, check the electrical control box Is there a tool or other conductive material, workpiece presence forgotten if the furnace cleaned out in a timely manner; closing after checking electrical switch contact is normal; check Are temperature control instruments work, and open its switches at the working condition.
Cold oven heated to the desired temperature; the production process in the furnace, automatic temperature control instruments according to the requirements of the process chamber furnace temperature will be good; in controlling the temperature control to "handle" on the automatic temperature control position Note 2h insulation and then into the workpiece, in order to continuously produce continuous furnace installed; for the parts to be placed in the furnace uniform, smooth, box-type furnace parts and is not allowed contact with electric wire.


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