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laboratory muffle furnace vacuum cleaning methods

Time:2015-05-21 09:17
At present, many users of laboratory muffle furnace cleaning furnace in order to achieve high efficiency and quality, the use of a new type of vacuum furnace cleaning method for cleaning.
The users also found in this way purged box furnace, especially for complex parts, after cleaning the surface is very bright. Also the cleaning process for the cleaning liquid water, will not cause corrosion of the furnace. Most importantly, this method is very high degree of automation, can be used to clean alternative to electric heating and tempering.
In fact, this amazing vacuum cleaning method, it is the use of quenching oil, a volatile liquid, the first for the boiling point under reduced pressure drop in the oil, water, steam and other organic liquids are heated together to boiling point of principle fall cleaning. The use of gas, liquid mixing pump to produce fine air bubbles mixed into the cleaning solution, re-use of microbubbles bursting force when the surface rupture, resulting, stains and damage the workpiece binding force, thereby further improving the vacuum cleaning box dirt effect .


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