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Structural design features of high temperature furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
According to the design personnel, high-temperature furnace furnace design includes hob, furnace shell, lining, mouth device section. As long as this is usually a good grasp of four parts, the high-temperature furnace of basic standards of quality problem.
Oven rack is usually welded from steel into a frame, outsourcing steel, designed the oven rack and furnace shell should have sufficient strength. The role of the hob and the workpiece is subjected to the lining of the load, while supporting the arch of the furnace side thrust. The role is to protect the furnace shell lining, reinforced structures and maintaining electric furnace tightness, usually with complex attached to the steel plate welded together. If it is a small laboratory furnace, not to set the hob with a thick steel plate welded furnace shell, may also play a role hob. Not like in the furnace shell thickness 2-6mm, with thicker steel bottom, side walls can be used thinner steel production. Lining usually light refractory bricks and fire-resistant fibers, except in the mouth or the need to support the site due to gravity.
Lining effect is to maintain the furnace temperature, reducing heat loss, good lining materials not only have a certain refractoriness, anti-thermal shock resistance, also have some regenerative capacity and a certain strength.
High-temperature furnace door opening device includes (ie lid), door guides and clamping device. In the design, the furnace mouth device should be sealed, thus reducing heat loss; the door should be larger than the mouth, usually the furnace door opening overlaps each side 65-130mm, so for controlled atmosphere furnace, help seal. Usually made of cast iron or steel door is made, if it is added to put silk brick oven door, the door frame put silk brick indented than 10-15mm.


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