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Note box furnace process before and after use

Time:2015-05-25 09:26
Usually we are emerged in the use of equipment failure problem can be found, we can say this is not done before and after the device to check protection issues.
Here we come to understand the next box furnace before and after use need to pay attention to process issues.
Box-type furnace work before the attention process:
1. Check the furnace is clean, clean up debris, to ensure a clean furnace;
2. Check the furnace wall, furnace floor for cracks and other damage;
3. resistance wire and thermocouple leads fastening rod installation, check the meter is normal;
4. Check the box-type furnace door switch is flexible;
5. Make sure that the normal, they began to put the workpiece.
After work process:
1. Turn off the power supply;
2. gently workpiece, make sure not to damage the furnace and artifacts;
3. Replace the furnace, according to the above procedure is repeated;
4. clear theory within the debris, ensure a clean;
5. Note that routine maintenance work;
6. Pay attention to indoor air circulation.


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