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Handling Precautions of high-temperature furnace

Time:2015-05-26 09:29
High-temperature furnace is the national standard energy-efficient furnace operation cycle, the surface of the electrostatic spray process, the surface chic, rugged design. Bitch is mainly used for steel products, metal parts normalizing, hardening, annealing and other heat treatment, and diamond cutting blades and other high-temperature sintering. So for these tasks, in use need to pay attention to what the problem?
At the beginning of use, the operator must first check whether there is iron and other residual materials within the high-temperature furnace. If found any, to cleaning the re-use, to avoid falling iron occurs when short circuit. First, the carrying capacity of the workpiece at work, pay attention to put high-temperature furnace can not exceed the oven floor. In order to ensure that the workpiece can be effectively burned in the furnace, in the manipulation of the process requires not just open the door, and into the workpiece and inserting a thermocouple in the furnace furnace request can not touch each other.   
Terms of temperature, the workpiece to be followed by changes in the timing of heating and cooling requirements; workpiece out when particular careful to avoid overheating and burn others; in addition also need someone to use regular maintenance and inspection, if found to have used when anomalies and improper operation, to discover and reporting; also note abnormal data changes, to develop good habits furnace.


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