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Energy-saving effect box type furnace

Time:2015-05-27 08:55
Ultra-energy structure of box-type furnace, which is the current national standard cycle-type energy-efficient furnace operation. Uses advanced composite lining structure, saving 30% -40% for precision casting industry and mold shell heating, high efficiency, and more than oil, coal costs are much lower. Box-type furnace thermal materials, selection of high-quality energy-saving lightweight foam insulation products and quality brick masonry.
Having in performance temperature control convenient, safe, as long as the regulatory function buttons enable temperature control, eliminating the need for oil furnace oil Tsui trouble adjusting. It also has temperature stability, low power consumption, excellent performance, net furnace, etc., basically solved using the environmental pressure characteristics.
Furnace size, there are two, namely L * W * H 1160 * 1200 * 1000 * 600 and 930 * 600.
In use, the power is also set to 120kw, 100kw,
the maximum temperature of 1300 ℃,
cold furnace heating time is 90-120 minutes.
Temperature Accuracy ± 1 ℃,
temperature uniformity ≤ ± 5 ℃.
Operating temperatures between 0-1250 ℃, may need to be adjusted.


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