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High-temperature vacuum furnace Features

Time:2015-05-28 08:59
High-temperature vacuum furnace heating chamber reflective screen information into graphite and metal heat shield. Graphite reflective screen is usually on high-temperature vacuum furnace use of hard and soft felt two felt for usual steel quenching, tempering, annealing.
High temperature brazing, powder metallurgy and sintering. The metal heat shield; usually the vacuum high temperature box furnace using the two stainless steel and molybdenum. Mo reflective screen for high temperature, high demand for the furnace environment information hardening, annealing, high temperature brazing, sintering. Stainless steel rice reflective screen suitable for tempering, low temperature annealing, aging, aluminum vacuum brazing, some of the low-temperature furnace of choice.
The degree of vacuum hardening heat treatment temperature box furnace in a vacuum can be used in vacuum (usually limit 4X10-1P a) selection of two stage pump (before the pump and Roots pump) such as bearing steel, tool steel, steel, vacuum heat treatment planning. For some high-demand vacuum products, you can choose three pump (before the pump. Roots pump, dispersion pumps, etc.) usually demand the ultimate vacuum in 10-4Pa.
Vacuum high temperature box furnace specification equipment; imported temperature controller and PLC as the center, completed the temperature programmable, manual and automatic control. May complete accounting and accounting control group control.
1, the accounting control system; industrial computer and programmable controller programming skills center, store, made statements. Accounting machines can operate independently, automatic, manual, skill programming.
2, the accounting group control system; industrial control computer as the center of multiple high-temperature vacuum furnace tank monitoring, data collection, work, reports and other high-tech handling control systems.


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