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Technical Requirements box-type furnace

Time:2015-06-03 08:58
Box-type furnace operating techniques are as follows:
1 prepared in BF
1.1 Check electrical control box is not there something or other conductive material, the furnace if the presence of a forgotten piece should be promptly removed.  
1.2 Closing After checking electrical switch touch is not normal.  
1.3 Check the temperature control instrumentation work is not normal, and open its switches at job status.
2 furnace production  
2.1 The automatic temperature control instruments according to technical needs will be a good temperature.  
2.2 The temperature program in the automatic control of the position of warming.  
2.3 Long-term do not use the stove or humid, it is necessary to bake before normal use.  
2.4 parts should be placed in the furnace uniform, smooth, not allowed to touch the parts and electric wire.  
2.5 operate in strict accordance with technical regulations.
3 shutdown! Switch off the meter, and laid the power switch.
4 Handling Precautions  
4.1 furnace temperature higher than 400 ℃ not allowed to open the door dramatic cooling.  
4.2 maximum use temperature does not exceed the additional temperature.  
4.3 installed furnace capacity will not do too much, causing the temperature drop should not exceed 50 ℃.  
4.4 installed furnace do not overexert, to avoid damage to the furnace, the furnace bottom.  
4.5 constant attention instrumentation and electrical control box electrical work is not normal.


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