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Notes box type annealing furnace

Time:2015-06-04 08:47
Today, we introduce the next box annealing furnace Handling Precautions
Not allowed to open the door when intense cooling
(1) oven temperature higher than 400 ℃.
(2) the maximum temperature does not exceed the rated temperature.
(3) installed furnace capacity is not too large, causing the temperature decrease should not exceed 50 ℃.
(4) Do not use excessive force when you replace the furnace, so as not to damage the bottom.
(5) whether the constant attention instrumentation and electrical control box electrical work.
(6) New installation or repair of furnaces, repaired place at room temperature for 2-3 days and nights, the electrician with the three-phase 500V megger heating elements on the ground (furnace shell) of resistance should be greater than 0.5MΩ before transmission, and baking craft powered by the following: 100-200 ℃ 15-20h door open 300-400 ℃ 8-10h door open 550-600 ℃ 8h door shut 750-800 ℃ 8h oven door closed in the furnace shell process remove the cover, so that easy to shed water vapor inside the masonry. (7) New overhauled or newly installed furnace after one month, you should check the status of the roof at the diatomite, such as sink should be re-filled.


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